Gelfruit - Frutta secca

"GELFRUIT ITALIA" is a company that rises in an uncontaminated land. It is dipped in the greenness of the countryside, where the passion for the land and the natural products is all along innate.
As a matter of fact the careful choice of the company settlement is not random but it is due to a bent for the nature favouring fields where there are more favourable conditions to gather the raw materials used for the preparation of high-quality products.
With accurate and precise methodologies of work, with the careful selection of every raw materials and with quality controls in every working phase, the company always succeeds in high quality products.
Thanks to the job of highly specialized technicians in the sector and to advanced equipments, the company has succeeded in a huge range of semi-finished products for ice cream and confectioneries, satisfying the tastes in great demand and offering traditional products as pistachio paste, hazelnut paste, almond paste, walnut paste, pine-nuts paste.

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